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Welcome to AWAKEN! 

I'm your teacher, Courtney, and I'm so beyond grateful to be able to share the practice of yoga with you both online and in the studio here in the Capital of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness.

I found yoga quite by accident around 10 years ago where I dipped in and out over the first few years. Many classes, styles and countries later, I found Vinyasa Flow and Yin were the practices for me and I started to make yoga an integral part of my life. 

I knew some time ago I would one day go through the yoga teacher training, but the timing never felt right. After realising the timing would never be right I decided to embark on the training in September 2020 and its been the best decision I've ever made. 


What I love most about yoga is that encourages us to become completely present, a point in time we struggle to enter in our everyday, modern lives. Yoga offers me a way to work through any stuck emotions, lean into discomfort, get in tune with my body and enter everyday life with new perspectives and new discoveries about myself. Its taught me that I'm so much more capable than I think while teaching me acceptance and self-love toward where I am right now.


I believe everybody can benefit from yoga and there is a style of yoga out there for everybody. In my classes we emphasise fun, humour and pushing past our perceived limits. My student base comprises a complete mixture of age, gender and previous yoga experience. I endeavour to make all of my classes accessible and welcoming by offering lots of variations as we move through practice.

Through AWAKEN I want to demystify yoga and educate others on the huge rewards of taking responsibility for our own health, wellbeing and happiness. 

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